AACM Annual Mama Ann Ward Kwanzaa Celebration Hosted by AACM – Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians

Every first Sunday @ The Stony Island Arts Bank

Great Black Music Ensemble: Directed by Ernest Dawkins

Special Guest Mama Edie and Artie Arlene Crawford


Art Turk Burton, Taalib Din Ziyad, Saalik Ziyad, Jerome Croswell, Ben Lamar, Ed House, Adam Zanoloni Darius Savage and Justin Boyd

The Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, Inc. (AACM), Great Black Music Ensemble features some of Chicago’s most visionary artists of improvisation and creative music. An intergenerational ensemble ranging in size from three to thirty pieces. The GBM Ensemble carries on the legacy of Chicago’s South Side creative music that made its place on the music history map by expressing the excitement of new sounds and rhythms, while invigorating the traditions of black music including funk, reggae, bebop, swing, and African and Caribbean styles.

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