Chicago Vocational Career Academy Meets Macbeth Dr. L. Moorman….Info Forward by CVCA Newsletter

Interested in Shakespeare? Chicago Shakespeare Theater at Navy Pier was the place to see the witches, the plotting, the murder and the suicide of Shakespeare’s characters. Students and teachers also saw Dr. Moorman graduate from Bard Core after she attended workshops from July, 2014 to February, 2015. Bard Core is a program that explores strategies for teaching Shakespeare in the classroom. Teachers learn through drama games, writing exercises, discussion and all forms of hands-on assignments. The facilitators and Shakespearean scholars were Molly Topper, Jason Harrington, Marilyn Halperin (Chicago Shakespeare Theater), Kevin Long (Harper College), Ray Salazar (John Hancock College Prep H.S.), Christine Adaire (Roosevelt University), Karen Boran (John Hancock College Prep H.S.), Vaughn Camacho, and Tim Duggan. Teachers attend the classes and at graduation their students attend a play. Do you see Dr. Moorman in the photo to the right?
The theater was filled with students from 20 different Chicagoland area schools. For many of our Cavaliers, it was the first time viewing the Shakespearean tragedy,
Macbeth. Cavaliers reported liking the fainting scene and how it showed tension, the gracefulness of the theatre, the ability to hear the actors, the action packed delivery, the humor and the application to present day situations.
Let’s see how effective the training was in the upcoming year, when Shakespeare is incorporated into
course curriculum and maybe even a production. It should be interesting, since our own librarian, Mrs. Chambers, is the next up for training. On that note, “Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow.” ― William Shakespeare

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