Knowledge HOOK-UP
A Non-Profit Organization Improving The Computer Skills of the Community “Teach”
Patricia Fisher
Executive Director


Windsor Park Evangelical Lutheran Church
Rev. Quentin M. Mumphery

offers YMT Tai Chi Classes

2619 East 76th Street
Chicago, IL


Tornado Univ Martial Arts Science

3065 E 93rd Street

To Register contact 708.595.4169

and visit


Info Forward by Talmadge Betts, The South Shore Connects:

Global Glimpse (Ongoing)
Global Glimpse is a not for profit organization working with partner public high schools to inspire America’s next generation to become responsible global citizens through after school programming and 3-week transformative summer travel in the developing world. They provide need based scholarships to 100% of accepted students and are the only organization making this kind of educational travel program accessible to low income youth on a large scale. For more information, click here

Game Changer Chicago Playtest Sessions (December 4, 6, 11)
Game Changer Chicago (GCC) Design Lab within Ci3 (the Center for Interdisciplinary Inquiry and Innovation in Sexual and Reproductive Health) is looking for high school students (grades 9-12) to provide feedback on its board, card, and digital games. These sessions take place Thursdays weekly from 5:00pm – 7:00pm and Saturdays biweekly from 12:30pm – 2:00pm on the University of Chicago campus in Hyde Park. For more information and to participate, click here


Grassroots Movement for Social Emotional Learning (Laura Morgan)  SEL is a long term solution toward prevention of the crime and violence epidemic that plagues our communities non-stop. To quote Bob Teague (1968) in his ‘Letters to a Black Boy,’ “Each man has to fight for what he believes in, for what he wants, in his own terms.” Surely, many of you feel overwhelmed with the level of violence in our city and feel there is no solution. How can we accept this hopelessness when our African-American ancestors didn’t and fought tirelessly for our freedom. Furthermore, how can we then lay down like cowards and let the negative elements rule our neighborhoods without a fight. We owe it to the children in the community to go the ends of the earth to figure out a solution to the crime and violence in our communities that threatened all of our very existence. Let’s top the bloodshed NOW!

We believe, that if SEL is implemented in the curricular of the schools, after-school programs, park district programs, church youth programs, etc., that eventually the skills the children learn will result in fewer incidences of crime and violence in the African-American community, especially crimes against the youth. SEL standards for all school districts in Illinois have been approved by the Illinois State Legislature and the Chicago Board of Education. Many suburban schools and a few CPS schools have already implemented SEL standards and have seen excellent results. However, SEL implementation is almost non-existent in the inner city neighborhood schools where crime and violence is most prevalent and plaqued with low performing schools, high dropout rates (especially among African-American males). The evidence indicate that children in schools with SEL feel more of a sense of being safe, therefore, academic learning improves. As adults it is our responsibility to ensure that the neighborhoods our children are reared in are safe.


Community High School Activities: High school
Our Vision for the Response to Intervention (RTI) Framework

At Bowen High School, we have taken a bold and innovative move to allocate and evaluate our educational resources to meet the needs of all of our students. This process promotes access to high quality core instruction while providing increasingly intensive educational interventions and extensions in the form of four equal length blocks of 79 minutes each. Wednesday courses will count towards credit for graduation.

We designed the courses based on academic and behavioral data along with input from students, parents, teachers, and the community. We tied the academic interventions and extensions as well as the social-emotional learning interventions to the state standards and our core curriculum.

Through the collective intelligence and creativity of Bowen teachers, deans, guidance, support staff, and administrators, we are excited to begin our new framework that we feel will help to better prepare students for a global economy that awaits them when they graduate.

Your child will receive a new schedule for the first five-week session of Wednesday courses. Students took a survey to let us know their preferences for courses being offered, and we have made every effort to give them at least one of their “very interested choices.” Some of the courses offered will change every five weeks, while others will remain the same.

Please know that we welcome your input and support as we continually review and evaluate this process. If you have questions, suggestions, or concerns, please feel free to contact“>Debra Fazekas, the RTI/ WWE coordinator at (773) 535-6915 ext. 56915.



An independent, not-for-profit, free, public, K-8 college preparatory charter school
proposed to open in the fall of 2014 on the South Side of Chicago
with 90 kindergarten students, adding one grade each year thereafter.

Progress Report

  • Pre-Authorization Grant Received. Great Lakes Academy is pleased to announce that it was selected to receive a $30,000 charter pre-authorization grant. This grant is an important vote of confidence in the school, as well as a vital source of funding that will support us as we work to get the school authorized and our doors open for August 2014.
  • As part of the Building Excellent Schools (BES) Fellowship, Katherine has continued to visit high-performing, inspirational schools in Columbus and Cleveland, Memphis and Nashville, Sacramento and Los Angeles. These schools are deep in the work of changing outcomes for students through a daily commitment to the tiniest details of excellence—every sign is straight, every lesson thoughtfully planned, revised, and practiced. Thank you again to all the outstanding schools and school leaders who have been so generous with time and access as we work to bring similar success to the future students of Great Lakes Academy.
  • We now have a preliminary website in place:, with the ability for folks to sign up for our newsletter, or email Lead Founder,” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>Katherine, for more information about the school.

Connect With Us

  • Great Educators. We plan to open our doors in August 2014, and it is never too early to recommend an outstanding educator to Great Lakes Academy. Please continue to pass along the names and contact information of interested educators. Please also recommend any educational events that you may be aware of in the area.
  • Community Involvement. We have been engaging in deep and meaningful discussions with community members and stakeholders in the South Shore area, learning about families’ educational experiences and what families’ hopes are for their children’s schooling. Please continue connecting us with community members and stakeholders as we engage in this important dialogue.



Welcome to Baker College Prep!  We are a campus of the Noble Network of Charter Schools, the highest performing network of open enrollment high schools in the City of Chicago.

At Baker College Prep, we provide rigorous, college preparatory classes that enable students to graduate from our nation’s top ranked universities and colleges, and thereby strengthen the communities from which they come.

Our students follow The Bobcat Way: Optimism, Grit, Joy, and Integrity. Staff and students uphold a school culture that promotes teamwork, accountability and discipline, critical thinking and problem-solving, and doing what is necessary to become civic-minded college graduates.

To learn more about Baker College Prep as a prospective scholar, parent, or employee, please navigate our website and feel free to contact us with any questions.






Holman Leadership Academy Enlightening Minds to Lead!

Holman Leadership is an amazing new Christian-based private school that is creating our future leaders!  Our years of experience in the educational field and passion for teaching is our driving force for taking young minds on a journey of excellence in behavior and academics.    Please explore this site as it is a map of the Holman Leadership Academy’s educational adventure.  Call us with any questions at (773) 443-LEAD or email us at

Elijah’s Place   “All Male Home School”
For Enrollment Information Or Tutoring  Call: 773-598-9950 Or



Camelot Schools logo

Camelot’s alternative education programs offer:

  • Curriculum tailored to individual students
  • Safe, secure environment to promote learning
  • Student-centered organizations that promote leadership
  • Focus on remedial education, special education and ESL
  • Life skills, vocational training and computer-enhanced instruction
    • Counseling support services, community resource support network and social services
    • Recreation/physical education

    Camelot prides itself on maintaining high levels of accountability and working as a real partner with each school district in which it operates. Before a program is implemented, performance data are collected to provide benchmarks and identify needed areas of focus. Camelot then closely monitors achievement statistics to ensure positive performance.

    While Camelot provides support to disruptive students outside of the general school population, it is committed to working hand-in-hand with the school district. The program works collaboratively and keeps its strategies focused on county, state, and federal benchmarks and actively solicits the review and feedback of the district.

  • To ensure optimal outcomes, Camelot’s transitional schools are tailored to the specific needs and objectives of the district, offering both remedial discipline, as well as specialized dropout prevention programs. In every aspect, Camelot seeks to be a partner in the success of each school district – working together and sharing achievements every step of the way.

7877 S. Coles St. Chicago, IL 60649
Phone: 773.213.0176


Community Base Higher Learning:

Chicago State University

Chicago state

Oliver-Harvey Community College
olive harvey



specialfriends logo

A Special Friend Career Training

A Special Friend Career Training is a not for profit organization committed to creating a positive impact on the health care industry. It believes in the uniqueness of each individual in terms of learning styles and prioritization of education as an integral part of social advancement.

As a training center, A Special Friend focuses on the overall success of the student populace within and beyond the school structure and how these successes can benefit society. The school aims to develop well rounded health care professionals by providing high quality education through strict adherence to state educational standards, development of relevant curricula and ensuring dynamic yet effective methods of instruction. It also seeks to create a steady pool of highly-skilled manpower for the employment market through fast-tracked scheduling of courses.


9204 S Commercial Ave. Suite 309

Chicago, IL 60617

(M) 312-772-6469

(O) 872 666-5055

(F) 844-270-7048







I have an MBA and I am a Certified Tutor in reading and math.


I am Certified with:


Sylvan Learning Center


Orion’s Mind


Rocket Learning


SylvanSync and ACE IT! Certified. Sylvan certified in Reading and Math.


My Sylvan Students achieved 1.5+ academic years total growth in reading and 2+ year’s total growth in math.


My Orion’s Mind Students achieved up to 50% academic growth by the end of the tutoring session.


I would be happy to help your child achieve his/her learning goals.


Please call me at 312-561-3611


Ask for Esther


Reading Program



Dream Big Mentoring, Tutoring, and Outreach
Leroy Palmer CEO/President 773-819-5164
7141 S. Jeffery  After School 4pm to 8pm ages 6yrs to 18yrs




mindmatter mentor college
We forge relationships with guidance counselors in various schools throughout Chicago, who recommend their top sophomores to attend our program. Those students who are interested enter a rigorous application process that includes a written personal statement and a phone interview. Each accepted student is then paired with 2 mentors who work together over the next 3 years. These mentors – college graduates and typically young Chicago executives – become role models to the students, and they often keep in touch for many years.

Our program consists of SAT/ACT training, Vocabulary and Writing & Critical Thinking workshops, What’s Going on in the World debate series, summer program and college applications, scholarship and financial aid navigation techniques, career panels, college life assimilation tools, and various guest speakers and field trips. Every summer we send each student to a college summer program of choice, and ultimately to a 4-year college. View our 2012-2013 session schedule


Chicago State University – Project Mentor Team



We develop educational technology solutions that support teachers and students.

At Zaner-Bloser, we are committed to bringing innovative, manageable, and highly useful technology to schools. We don’t want to burden teachers with complicated tools that take time away from teaching. Our technology tools make it easy to plan and deliver instruction, enhancing learning by providing exciting interactive content.

We are pleased to feature two new unique technologies: Strategies for Writers Online Writing Center and Voices 3C eLessons and Leveled Library. The former is a complete online writing and grammar program that prepares students to be confident, proficient, effective 21st century writers, ready for college and career. The latter is a powerful, flexible tool that drives standards-based, small-group reading instruction.


The Black Oaks Center (Good Food Farmer Market)

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create safe, healing spaces founded on the principles of environmental stewardship and social equality. A place where community can learn skills required to master sustainability to lead a successful transition to a post carbon world. From this, our communities, families, and children will be resilient. Hence, they will be fully capable of being lifeboats thriving during an energy descent.

Rotating Apprenticeships –




Institute for Cognitive Literacy

Transforming Family Culture Through Parent Leadership Dialogue Series
Parent Leadership and Role of Parenting
Schooling or Education: Natural Role of Parents in Teaching and Learning
Gwendolyn Kinard, Ph.D.