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Grassroots Campaigning 101 – Winning For Justice in Chicago Hosted by The CivicLab.

  • Today at 7 PM – 9 PM
    Starts in about 8 hours72°F Partly Cloudy
  • 2136 E 71st St, Chicago, IL 60649-2116, United States

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    Invited by Thomas Tresser

The CivicLab is excited to offer a new round of our “Civics 101” workshops!

Get TRAINED to ORGANIZE and WIN in order to get a city that we all deserve and can prosper in. Our trainers are super experienced in grassroots democracy with over 60 years of public campaigns between them!

Session #3 – Wednesday, September 19 – “Grassroots Campaigning” – Learn the basic steps toward putting together a principled grassroots campaign for change and justice. Attendees will analyze the election prospects of their own aldermen based on election results from the the 2011 and 2015. All attendees will receive the chapter “Organizing a Campaign” from Winning Elections in the 21st Century by Dick Simpson and Betty O’Shaughnessy. Make plans to win.

Sessions will be at 2136 E. 71st Street, Chicago.

These sessions are $40/person per session.All attendees will receive a copy of “Chicago Is Not Broke” and access to a private web space loaded with resources and links to more in-depth materials.

Participants at our July 16 “Chicago 101” session said:

“Tom and Jonathan really came through! Their presentation on ‘Chicago 101’ made people mad about how Chicago works, and it made people curious, but most of all it got people engaged. This is exactly the kind of education every citizen needs in order to make meaningful change in our city. One of my favorite moments of the night was when one particularly engaged audience member literally threw her hands up and said, ‘Why doesn’t anybody teach us this stuff?’ Well, Tom and Jonathan are teaching this stuff – and I will gladly welcome them back to continue to inform, engage, and empower our community.” – Gabe Piemonte, Candidate 5th Ward Alderman

“Your ‘Chicago 101’ training was great last night!! It was the boost I needed. It reminded me of what I really care about and where I come from in terms of activism and my roots. In our activism we are working with a lot of people who have never engaged so conversation is tough because they aren’t aware of the history, there is no context. We often get caught up in nonsense and focus is lost as we try to get the newly engaged to act. Being with seasoned pros was so nice. I gained some new perspective and knowledge as well as reaffirmation of my values and goals. It was energizing and gave me some clarity, just what I needed for the burnout I’ve been feeling. I’m really looking forward to the next two sessions!” – Meaghan McAteer, Co-founder Indivisible Brookfield

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Your trainers will be Jonathan Peck and Tom Tresser.

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