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Illinois Hemp Growers Summit Hosted by The Quarry Event Center.


With the signing of the Illinois hemp bill, there are opportunities around the cultivation, distribution, and processing of hemp – a cannabis variety with close to zero THC, or the intoxicating compound found in cannabis plants. This versatile cash crop has the potential to empower small farmers and revitalize farming communities. For more information visit Attend the Illinois Hemp Growers Summit on the South Side of Chicago to learn more about the legal hemp program in Illinois, what you’ll need to get started, permit application FAQ’s, and how to build partnerships in the industry. Attendees will learn from hemp farmers and industry specialists about a variety of topics, including: – Planting – Harvesting – Processing/Extraction – Transportation/Logistics – CBD and Hemp Products                                                                       The Quarry Event Center 2423 E 75th St, Chicago, Illinois 60649


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