Please Call and Take Action Today!!!!

Please CALL TODAY! Leave a message if necessary.

Both housing complexes- Germano Millgate and Barbara Jean Wright apartments complexes have the SAME owner and management team and have significant repairs that have yet to be addressed.

Tenants are asking the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD):
* meet with tenants at both complexes,
*tour apartments at both complexes, and
*release $2.6 million in funds for repairs at Germano Millgate. (Rehab loan was already approved, and funds need to be used to address major repairs identified by tenants.)

Tenants also want Owner Anthony Fusco to do his job and make the repairs. Tenants shouldn’t have to put in multiple repair requests, and wait months for requests to be addressed.

Germano tenants are requesting an extermination for the whole complex, address plumbing issues reported by tenants, repair heat and hot water within 24 hours, have qualified maintenance, fix buzzer/intercom system to improve safety, update current tenants’ apartments with appliances, paint, and windows, and require management to give tracking number to tenants when they place repair requests.

BJ Wright tenants are requesting the whole complex to be upgraded, repairs requested by tenants to be completed, a written schedule of repairs, respect by management and recognition of the Tenant Council.

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