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Successfully and unanimously passed the Fair Workweek Ordinance With Workforce Committee.

Info Shared Alderwoman Garaz 10:  Today was a historic day for Chicago and for hundreds of thousands of workers across the city. Within my first month as the Chairwoman of the Committee on Workforce Development (Garza), my team and I successfully and unanimously passed the Fair Workweek Ordinance – the most expansive predictive scheduling law in the country. For far too long, workers across Chicago have had no guarantee of work, dealt with last minute shift changes, erratic work schedules, chronic unemployment, and lost wages. The Fair Workweek Ordinance will ensure that Chicago’s thriving economy provides reliable jobs that deliver stability for working families. I am overwhelmed with emotion and feel honored to have received a standing ovation by my fellow city council members for my work on this ordinance. This is the policy that is possible when labor, business, and our administration comes together for the people. I look forward to continuing this momentum and working to ensure Chicago is the most pro-worker city in the country. I couldn’t give the Mayor a bottle of champagne to show my gratitude but I did manage to give her a bottle of Hienies hot sauce!

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