Vision & Mission



The onset of violence within our community has created an environment in which we are “Afraid to answer our doors, Afraid to Speak Out and Afraid to take action”. We can no longer be held as prisoners within our community; we must take a stand and unite to transform our community back to a “Safe Haven”. If we all share the knowledge we have available to each other, then we can all become better advocates for a stronger community.


This site is established to inform residents of the 3rd & 4th District/Southeast Side Community of Chicago about resources available in the community and how to access them. This interactive site allows the residents the ability to connect, exchange information and take action as needed. We invite the Residents, Business Owners, Organizations, Churches, Community, and Social Services Agencies to join in this alliance to help focus on resolutions to the many problems that are challenging our community. This site is open to anyone who has a healthy respect for their neighbors and the community. We invite you to post your concerns.


Divided We Fall But, United We Stand