Weekly Update from Springfield by Senator Robert Peters.

Weekly Update from Springfield

March 25 – March 29, 2019

Quiet but productive week.

Hello, friends! The first session week of Spring was quiet. I didn’t really accomplish anything major, but I did get a lot of small things done that managed to make the week productive.

I’m still preparing to call Senate Bills 1158 and 1188 on the floor, pass them, and send them over the house. In the meantime, I’ve gotten three other bills prepared to be read on the floor.

Senate Bill 1525 requires DCFS to provide a stipend to youth in care to cover the costs of entering an apprenticeship. This will help ease the huge financial burden they might otherwise have to face. Senate Bill 1641 requires the Illinois Student Assisstance Comission identify students who may be eligible for SNAP benefits. Doing so will hopefully increase awareness of the program in the long run. Finally, Senate Bill 1642 requires drivers’ education courses to include cirricula about bicylist and pedestrian safety. Cyclists and pedestrians have just as much of a right to the road as drivers do, and drivers need to be educated on how to keep themselves and others safe while operating a vehicle!

Next week is a shorter week, since April 2nd is election day in many communties across the state. Click here for information regarding the upcoming elections.

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