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Planted 40 trees around Washington High School by Luis Cabrales . April 24, 2021.

Photos by

Luis Cabrales and Alderwoman Garza

The before and after pictures make it all worth it 🌳

Saturday was a great day. We planted 40 trees around Washington High School. At one point there were almost 40 people working together to plant trees. And boy, we planted all of them!!
Together, we stay strong. Today was more than just a tree planting – today was our act of resistance. There are some who can go out to protests and rallies, while others choose to stay home and share on social media. Both are totally valid. People like me, who have not attended rallies and demonstrations for a while, don’t have the emotional capacity sometimes. So I put my energy where I knew I could – helping these trees get in the ground.
Planting these trees is us enjoying being in community with each other. This is us planning for the future. This was not a demonstration or a rally, today was a celebration – these trees will help the fight for EJ longer than we’ll be around. And the intention is to celebrate that – we resist by enjoying ourselves in our green spaces. It’s STILL #denythepermit, it’s STILL Stop General Iron.
I’ve given a lot of thanks, you know who you are

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