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South Shore Community Energy Cleanse 71st Jeffery


These are perilous times we are living in.
Our hearts are (still) heavy; We mourn in silence, and we mourn out loud as a community. We honor our resilience; we celebrate life and give thanks for the small victories.

We are grappling with deep seated, extremely complex issues as we continue forth, striving to overcome our differences and exemplify our commonalities…hand in hand, along this journey of understanding. Solidarity Heals.

Together, we lift our voices and our candles.
We burn our sage, inhale and exhale the sweet indigenous aroma of copal and lift our voices in prayer over our children. Our families. Our communities.

Will you stand with us pon de corner? Will you bring your heart and soul and your prayers, poems and hand instruments? Will you pray with us in love and solidarity? Will you clear your mind of the fear that grips you when you think of the dangers that congregate on street corners in neglected, disinvested Black and Brown hoods and put on your spiritual armor for an hour (or two…) as we lift up our voices in acknowledgement and honor of the divine that governs all?
Please join us each month:
71st and Jeffery at 10am on May 16th

Wear white, traditional garb, oils, beads, bangles, bells or simply come as you are  – CHARGED!!! Bring your sage and we will also have extra sage and incense to sweeten and open the environment to receive our collective prayers of healing over our people.

In the name of…

love & solidarity
truth & transformation
courage & collective action

Remember, we speak for those of us who can no longer speak…we breathe for those who breathe no more…we stand for those who have fallen beneath the gunsmoke of hate, violence and an unjust system of oppression and anti-blackness.

…and thank YOU in advance to those who will make it out as well as those who can only be with us in spirit. Bring your masks as we cleanse the air. Amandla!

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