A Community Artist, Joann Podkul Murphy designed Mural Art to Transform the Ugly Obstacles Into Attractive, Informative “Infocades”

Video byKevin Murphy

In 2012, community artist, Joann Podkul Murphy, decided to make artistic use of cumbersome, unattractive concrete roadblock devices, known as “Jersey Barriers,” which had been emplaced in her neighborhood to control vehicular traffic between the residential community and neighboring Calumet Park. Long a magnet for graffiti, the barriers had been a constant, depressing, eyesore to residents and visitors. Thus, Joann designed mural art to transform the ugly obstacles into attractive, informative “Infocades” (she is a retired Chicago Public School System teacher/principal). This video features an addition to, and updates of, the “Infocade” murals that Joann created — with the permission of then-10th Ward Alderman, John Pope — to enhance — and inform — residents and visitors about the natural and political environment in which they live.

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