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Community Justice Center South Cook County State Attorney 



9059 S. Cottage Grove
ChicagoIL 60619
Please contact us at (312) 603-1880 or [email protected] for information about programs and services at this location.

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Formerly called the Community Law Project, our attorneys have helped to build, strengthen and support nonprofit organizations and small businesses that contribute to economic development and deliver social services in low-income neighborhoods since 1985. Our work is focused in historically disinvested communities of color on Chicago’s South and West Sides. Our attorney volunteers and expert legal staff provide nonprofit leaders and small businesses owners with the knowledge to sustain the quality of their programs, improve outcomes, and spur economic development. Chicago Lawyers’ Committee recognizes that structural racism is a major contributor toward economic injustice; we work to eradicate racism and end poverty in our city and coordinate our activities in close working relationship with our community partners.

Key Staff
Angela Dear, Paralegal and Program Associate
Akele Parnell, Program Counsel
Erica Spangler Raz, Senior Counsel and Director of Pro Bono Works

Erik Wilson, Attorney at Law

Founding Partner at Wilson & Wilson, Ltd

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Centro de Trabajadores Unidos: Immigrant Workers Project

The mission of Centro de Trabajadores Unidos is to have a powerful immigrant run organization in the southeast side of Chicago that will educate workers on their rights, develop leadership within the immigrant community, support and organize all workers as they fight for their rights in the workplace and fight for changing policy that increases standards for immigrant workers. The long-term vision would also include a component that would offer career advancement so immigrant workers can advance from low-wage, low-skill jobs into the high-skill jobs of our new economy.
(773) 349-2806
Fax: (773)-978-3254
E-Mail: [email protected]

first defense

First Defense Legal Aid

FDLA’s mission is two-pronged: to ensure equal justice to people in custody at Chicago Police stations and to educate the people of Chicago about the power of their Constitutional rights. Call Within 24hrs

Metropolitan Family

Southeast Chicago Center

3062 East 91st Street | Chicago, Illinois 60617

Phone: 773-371-2900 | Fax: 773-371-2950

Families throughout surrounding communities see Metropolitan Family Services Southeast Chicago Center as a beacon of hope for the future. Founded in 1985 on the heels of local steel mill closings, Metropolitan Southeast Chicago is part of Metropolitan Family Services, which has been empowering Chicago-area families to reach their greatest potential and positively impact their communities since 1857.




personal consult



Personal Protection Consultants (PPC) is dedicated to providing safe, responsible and realistic
defensive firearms training for both civilians and law enforcement. In addition to high quality instruction in the use of the handgun, shotgun and rifle, PPC also offers courses in close quarter hand to hand combat, knife training, stick fighting, the combat cane, improvised weapons, weapon retention/disarms and the tactical treatment of gunshot and knife wounds.

Phone: 773-415-1815

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Illinois Norml Chapter

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