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Rumba Meats, part of the Cargill family of brands, helps the Hispanic community celebrate their culture and preserve their heritage through food. Through a partnership with rumba Meats, part of the Cargill family of brands, helps the Hispanic community celebrate their culture and preserve their heritage through food. Through a partnership with United States Hispanic Leadership InstituteRumba is awarding 25 post-secondary academic scholarships of $1,000 each and helping empower today’s Hispanic youth to become tomorrow’s leaders.


Want To Help Chicago Kids Starting Remote Learning Next Week? These Organizations Need You

From Spanish-speaking volunteers to refurbished laptops and tablets, local kids could use your help starting this unusual school year on the right foot.




What Must Be Done!

Is anyone interested in being apart of a CPS support group for students and staff? The goal is to promote academics and attendance. You would contact a teacher once a week and help students struggling with their grades and attendance.

“As a kid, I couldn’t focus in class so I can only imagine being out of class how far I would have fallen behind” by Isaiah Ad Verb James ABJ Community Ctr.

CPS: 18K-Plus Students Signed Up for Free Internet via ‘Chicago Connected’ Program

More than 18,000 Chicago Public Schools students have signed up to receive free internet access through the city’s Chicago Connected program since the initiative was launched this summer. And with classes beginning remotely in just two weeks, city officials expect that number to continue growing exponentially.


After School Matters
Fall Application Open

The fall application is now open online. You can access the application here. Teens can apply to a wide variety of programs including culinary arts, fashion design, drawing, dance, or coding. Young people will have the opportunity to collaborate and create with other teens and professional instructors and earn a stipend at the same time. The program will run from October 5 to December 18.


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From the start of this pandemic, every decision we’ve made has been guided by the data and advice from our public health experts. Today, we’re announcing that Chicago Public Schools will begin the school year with remote learning for Quarter 1.‬


This week, Governor JB Pritzker and the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) announced a $4.7 million investment that will expand the Illinois Apprenticeship Program to serve an additional 568 residents in training programs over the next two years. Overall, the State of Illinois is making a $20 million investment in the Illinois Apprenticeship Program to support 17,000+ apprenticeships in 2020 alone.
To support this expansion, the State is awarding grants to 25 partner organizations who will expand training programs and employer partnerships, with an emphasis on growing capacity in underserved communities. New and expanded programming will include an array of training pathways that are high-demand and high-paying career fields, such as IT, manufacturing, construction, pharmaceuticals, and more.
For more on eligibility and to locate apprenticeship opportunities near you, visit the link below.



CPS Meal Sites

The health and wellbeing of our students and staff is always our top priority. Since the temporary closure of our schools due to COVID-19, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) has served millions of grab-and-go meals to families. We are committed to providing meals throughout the closure, and you can pick up meals at more than 270 schools, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

There may be times when the district needs to change available meal sites. These changes may happen for several reasons:

  • Community needs for nutrition support may change
  • Sites may merge to cover unexpected staffing demands or absences
  • A school may need to undergo special cleaning or repairs
  • Equipment may need to be serviced or replaced
  • A school may need to undergo a COVID-19 or other public health investigation

The district has the responsibility of meeting the
educational needs of every student it serves, and understanding the unique needs of ELs is essential, since
ELs make up such a large portion of Chicago’s students
and have the challenge of mastering academic content
and learning a new language at the same time. But the
statistics normally reported on ELs’ academic achievement, and used in school accountability, are based on
only a subset of students: those who are “active ELs.” 2
Reporting on only this subset of students, and failing to
report on all students who entered CPS as ELs, provides
a biased picture. Currently, publicly reported data does
not allow us to know how all students who began in CPS
as ELs, compared to those who did not, are performing
academically. There is also little information on how
EL students perform on measures of achievement other
than test scores.

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Watch as IPA Executive Director Dr. Jason Leahy speaks with Dr. Rebecca Vonderlack-Navarro and Karen Garibay-Mulattieri from the Latino Policy Forum about a critical new resource they created in collaboration with the IPA, IASA, and IASB to help school leaders support their English Learners. Learn more at


Info Forward by Alderman Mitchell, 7th Ward:

Info Shared by Alderman Mitchell


Parents of Extraordinary Children Support Group-Southeast


Windsor Park Evangelical Lutheran Church

offers YMT Tai Chi Classes
[email protected]

2619 East 76th Street
Chicago, IL


Tornado Univ Martial Arts Science

3065 E 93rd Street

To Register contact 708.595.4169

and visit


Community High School Activities:


James H. Bowen High School



George Washington High School



 South Shore International College Prep 



Chicago Vocational School Academy



Baker College Prep



8164 S. South Chicago Avenue Chicago IL 60617



Community Base Higher Learning:


10001 South Woodlawn Ave Chicago,
IL 60628   (773) 291-6100

3055 E. 92nd Street
60617    (773) 291-6770



Trade Education

First Step To Excellence Healthcare:


McCoy Barber College  

1901 E. 79th Street

Chicago, IL 60649






Portrait of beautiful woman with makeup






An independent, not-for-profit, free, public, K-8 college preparatory charter school
proposed to open in the fall of 2014 on the South Side of Chicago
with 90 kindergarten students, adding one grade each year thereafter.


    Holman Leadership Academy Enlightening Minds to Lead!

    Holman Leadership is an amazing new Christian-based private school that is creating our future leaders!  Our years of experience in the educational field and passion for teaching is our driving force for taking young minds on a journey of excellence in behavior and academics.    Please explore this site as it is a map of the Holman Leadership Academy’s educational adventure.  Call us with any questions at (773) 443-LEAD or email us at [email protected]

    Elijah’s Place   “All Male Home School”
    For Enrollment Information Or Tutoring  Call: 773-598-9950 Or



    Camelot Schools logo

    Camelot’s alternative education programs offer:

    • Curriculum tailored to individual students
    • Safe, secure environment to promote learning
    • Student-centered organizations that promote leadership
    • Focus on remedial education, special education and ESL
    • Life skills, vocational training and computer-enhanced instruction
      • Counseling support services, community resource support network and social services
      • Recreation/physical education

      Camelot prides itself on maintaining high levels of accountability and working as a real partner with each school district in which it operates. Before a program is implemented, performance data are collected to provide benchmarks and identify needed areas of focus. Camelot then closely monitors achievement statistics to ensure positive performance.

      While Camelot provides support to disruptive students outside of the general school population, it is committed to working hand-in-hand with the school district. The program works collaboratively and keeps its strategies focused on county, state, and federal benchmarks and actively solicits the review and feedback of the district.

    • To ensure optimal outcomes, Camelot’s transitional schools are tailored to the specific needs and objectives of the district, offering both remedial discipline, as well as specialized dropout prevention programs. In every aspect, Camelot seeks to be a partner in the success of each school district – working together and sharing achievements every step of the way.

    7877 S. Coles St. Chicago, IL 60649
    Phone: 773.213.0176
    Email: [email protected]





    Windsor Park Tech Girlz Workshops:

    Windsor Park Lutheran Church
    2619 E 76th St
    (773) 768-1812

    Connectivity makes a difference in many ways. In partnership with Leave No Veteran Behind and American Wide Broadband, Cambium Networks connected a Community Hub in the South Shore neighborhood in Chicago at Windsor Park Lutheran Church with high-speed wireless broadband and free WiFi. Since the network launched in 2016, the community has found ways to leverage the system to improve the lives of local residents.

    While the system provides connectivity for job searching, homework, applying for services and video surveillance to provide a safe location, Cambium Networks employees recently extended the reach into the community.

    • The Hub includes a food pantry with is part of the Greater Chicago Food Depository. As part of Cambium Networks’ seventh anniversary, employees in our Rolling Meadows office donated food to stock the pantry. Located in an area with no major food stores, this pantry is one of the largest distribution locations on Chicago’s South Side.
    • Even better than providing free Wi-Fi, Cambium Networks team members showed young people how to install and configure a Wi-Fi access point (AP). TechGirlz is a nationwide organization that promotes technology among young women. 16 young people in the program attended the session that included unboxing, connecting, provisioning the AP and creating their own network with their own name and splash page. This simple session gave them the opportunity to explore and better understand the Wi-Fi and RF technology that is going to be a part of their lives. Regardless of their future, connectivity will be a part of their lives, and there is no better way to learn than with hands-on experience in a friendly environment.Wi-Fi and connectivity truly make a difference in peoples’ lives – both in the near term and over the long run.


    We believe:

    1. All girls have a right to be part of the innovation economy.
    2. Diversity in tech is ultimately an economic issue: companies perform better and even thrive with a more diverse workforce, and more women in tech can address the industry’s workforce shortage.
    3. Technology is a creative skill. It conveys the right to create and requires technical skill channeled by vision, creativity and an understanding of the world around us. Girls should be embraced as valuable creative contributors.
    4. Girls learn differently. Science proves that engaging girls early and with different instruction enables them to prosper in technology. Instead of forcing girls into accepted methods of technology instruction, we are redesigning how technology is taught to girls.
    5. Community is critical. Leading by example allows girls to visualize their Path through technology and identify mentors – both male and female. We will work diligently to expand and connect this community on behalf of girls.
    6. Technology is more than coding. There are an infinite number of tech-related fields and careers – those like farming that can be advanced through an understanding of technology, or video game and software development that require marketers and designers to thrive. All perspectives help to advance technology as a discipline.
    7. It takes a community. No one person or group can offer a total solution to solve the gender gap in tech. We must all work together towards the common goal.
    8. The Path is worthwhile. While the obstacles to becoming a woman in tech – and then remaining a woman in tech – are innumerable, the journey is an important one that is ultimately fulfilling to both the individual and the larger community. We will continue to inform, educate and champion this Path to help make it easier on every girl that sets out upon it.




    We develop educational technology solutions that support teachers and students.

    At Zaner-Bloser, we are committed to bringing innovative, manageable, and highly useful technology to schools. We don’t want to burden teachers with complicated tools that take time away from teaching. Our technology tools make it easy to plan and deliver instruction, enhancing learning by providing exciting interactive content.

    We are pleased to feature two new unique technologies: Strategies for Writers Online Writing Center and Voices 3C eLessons and Leveled Library. The former is a complete online writing and grammar program that prepares students to be confident, proficient, effective 21st century writers, ready for college and career. The latter is a powerful, flexible tool that drives standards-based, small-group reading instruction.


    Rotating Apprenticeships –




    Institute for Cognitive Literacy

    Transforming Family Culture Through Parent Leadership Dialogue Series
    Parent Leadership and Role of Parenting
    Schooling or Education: Natural Role of Parents in Teaching and Learning
    Gwendolyn Kinard, Ph.D.
    [email protected]

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