Vision & Mission



The vision for our website is to be the breath of the southeast side communities by telling the
story of who we are now, where we want to be, and where we are going. Chicago southeast
side is made up of multicultural communities therefore this website is the one resource that
houses all the community’s attributes together, creating an bridge to intercultural understanding and respect by sharing our triumph and struggles along with maintaining our individual uniqueness.

Our Mission Statement:

• Our mission is to motivate you to form a better understanding of yourself through
enhancing your awareness and accessibility to the various activities, events, and
resources that are found within your own communities and neighborhoods.

• This website is made to be a supplement to the community leaders, organizations, and
residents’ social media outlet. By placing their information on a broader platform to
showcase to a large exclusive audience while they maintain an intimate relationship with
their personal audience on their own social media platform. This exclusive-to-personal sharing
of community information is to decrease the communication gap but increase more
resident’s awareness to be a part of your community enrichment and stability, through
simply using community services and/or volunteering within your community or
surrounding communities.

• Since the southeast side is composed of various multicultural communities, the website
provides a great opportunity to ignore the communities boundaries by showcasing our pride and uniqueness as one whole Southeast Side’s Community.

• The website also promotes an understanding of our shared dreams and visions that will
build a unity to create allies throughout the southeast side as we work together to
strengthen our voices to stimulate and secure changes throughout our communities and

Divided We Fall But, United We Stand

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